Размер первичного преобразователя DN 3…100
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Electromagnetic Flowmeter FXF2000 (COPA-XF)

The flowrate of liquids, slurries, pastes and sludges can be measured accurately with the Electromagnetic Flowmeter FXF2000 (COPA-XF). Minimum conductivity 5 µS/cm. The measurement system consists of a flowmeter sensor and a transmitter in a compact design. Due to its compact design, the Electromagnetic Flowmeter FXF2000 is ideally suited for installation in filling systems, especially where battery supply is needed.

  • Compact, stainless steel sensor
  • User-oriented hygienic primary design
  • Meter sizes from DN 3 … DN 100 (1/8 … 4 in.)
  • Various process connections
  • All-in-one transmitter for continuous measurements and batch processes