Размер первичного преобразователя DN 3 … 100
1/10 … 4″
Точность 0.4 % от измеренной величины
0.2 % (опция)
Коммуникация HART
and FF in prep.)
Специальные свойства Стандартное применение

Electromagnetic Flowmeter HygienicMaster

The Electromagnetic Flowmeter HygienicMaster is designed specifically for the food & beverage, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Manufactured from FDA approved materials and certified in accordance with EHEDG and 3-A, HygienicMaster sets a new benchmark.

The stainless steel exterior, the variable process connection, the advanced signal processing and the state-of-the-art data storage provide a complete and cost effective flow solution.

  • Highest measurement accuracy
  • Intuitive navigation and configuration
  • Backlit, high-contrast and configurable display
  • Detailed diagnostics for rapid decision making
  • Standard HART protocol