Размер первичного преобразователя DN 15…2200
Точность 0.15 % от измеренной величины
Коммуникация HART,

MagMaster Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The MagMaster Electromagnetic Flowmeter is suitable for all applications found in the water industry from potable to waste water treatment. MagMaster’s IP 68 rating permits the sensor to be buried, this eliminates the need for meter pits or chambers and so reduces installation costs. Wide flow range and class-leading accuracy improves control and quality of water distribution networks and water treatment works. CalMaster compatible, routine calibration verification to comply with regulatory requirements can be achieved without removing the sensor from service.

  • Size range DN 15 … DN 2600 (1/2 … 104 in.)
  • 1500:1 Flow range
  • Accuracy to 0.15 %
  • Hazardous area approvals
  • UKWFBS listed